Welcome to Guusto! This article should provide you with everything you'll need to know to make the most out of using Guusto.

1. Learn about the Dashboard

The Dashboard provides an overview of your account's activity.

2. Send a Test Gift

This is a great way to quickly learn how to send gifts before you are ready to send an actual gift.

3. Use the Manage Gifts page

The Manage Gifts page acts as a command centre to view complete tracking for all sent gifts.

4. Fund your Account

You can load funds into your account by either cheque, bank transfer, email transfer, or credit card.

5. Send Gifts on the Web Platform

You can send gifts on your computer by logging in to the web platform.

6. Send Gifts on the Mobile App

You can send gifts on your phone by using the mobile app.

7. Setup Teams to empower Members to send gifts or nominate colleagues

Use Guusto to its full potential by creating teams to build a culture of real time recognition.

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