Guusto gifts can be redeemed with thousands of merchants, so it's likely many merchant staff will have never heard of Guusto if you just show them the Guusto website or Guusto app.

However, when you open your gift, select a merchant, and click the "view gift code" button, the system instantly transfers the funds to the merchant and receives an e-gift card for the designated amount from the merchant website, that we then display for you to redeem with the merchant (see sample image below). They will recognize this and redeem it like any regular gift card. 

Click here for detailed instructions on how to redeem your Guusto gift.

If the merchant is having an issue with the e-gift card, there might be a $0 balance. Many merchants do not offer auto-balance updates on their e-gift cards, so while the e-gift card webpage displays the original value of the e-gift card, it may in fact have been used. 

Most merchant's have a gift card balance check on their website, if you Google for something like "The Keg Gift Card Balance", and then enter your gift card details to check the balance.

Unfortunately, we do not have access to merchant gift card systems to check the transaction history of a merchant's e-gift card. But you can contact the merchant's support team for that information by calling the phone number at the bottom of the gift card, or the phone number on the gift card section of the merchant's website. 

Of course, if the merchant support team is unable to figure out when and where the balance was used, contact us and we can reach out to the merchant's gift card processor.

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