1. Navigate to the Send Gifts section using the navigation menu.

2. Enter the Order details, then click on the Next Step button.

3. On the Delivery & Recipients page, choose between the following Delivery Options:

  • Print or Export - allows you to print a Guusto gift URL that allows the recipient to claim their gift to their Guusto account. You can either physically print the gift information or export a link to a PDF which you can pass on to the recipient yourself.

  • Print Merchant Gift Card - allows you to print a merchant's gift card that you can pass on to a recipient yourself. They won't have to redeem their Guusto gift for a merchant and they will be able to use the gift card at a store or online immediately.

4. Fill in the recipient information and click on the Next Step button.

5. On the Payment page, review your order details and click on the Confirm Order button.

6. Navigate to Gift Reports > Order History using the navigation menu.

7. Click the three dots under the Actions column and:

  • Choose Print, if you chose the Print or Export option on Step 3,

  • Choose View Gift, if you chose the Print Merchant Gift Card option on Step 3, to print a paper copy of your selected merchant gift card.

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