1. Click "Send Gifts" in the Dashboard.

2. Enter the gift details, then click "Next Step".

3. Under "Delivery Options", choose between "Print or Export" and "Print Gift Codes".
Print or Export allows you to print a Guusto gift code to be given directly to the recipient. You can either physically print the gift card or export a link to hand to them.

Print Gift Codes allows you to print a merchant's gift card directly to be handed to a recipient. They won't have to redeem their Guusto gift card for a merchant and they will be able to use it at the store or online immediately.

4. Fill the recipient information and click "Next Step"!

5. Write a quick thank you message to the sender so they know you've received it and click "Next Step"

6. Click "Confirm Order".

7. Navigate to Gift Reports > Order History

8. Click the three dots under the action column, and choose Print to print a paper copy of your gift card.

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