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How-to guide for gifting print merchant gift cards
How-to guide for gifting print merchant gift cards

What if my employee doesn't have access to the internet, a computer or mobile phone? What if my gift recipient isn't tech savvy?

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As a gift sender, you can easily print a gift card of your choice for employees who don't have access to the internet or aren't particularly tech savvy! They will not have to go through the claiming and redemption process - you will be able to hand them a gift card that is ready to use.

Note: If the option for Print Merchant Gift Card does not appear for you it may have been restricted by your program administrator. We suggest you reach out internally to your program administrator if you'd like access to this feature.

1. Navigate to the Send Gifts Section

2. Input all the gift details and click "Next Step: Delivery & Recipients"

3. Select the Print Merchant Gift Card delivery option, and choose a Partner Merchant, then click Confirm.

4. Enter the recipients name and select Next Step

5. Select confirm order

6. Navigate to Order History, click on the action buttons and View Gift

7. The gift will open in a new window or tab. Click on View Gift Code. The selected merchant gift card will open in a new tab where you will be able to print it for your gift recipient!

Important Note: Print Merchant Gift Card gifts cannot be cancelled or refunded once you complete the order. Once the order is complete the funds are immediately transferred to the merchant's gift card processor to purchase the gift card for you. We wish that gift card processors offered flexible refund policies but we are required to adhere to their terms that all gift card purchases are final.

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