How do I roll out Teams for Gifting?

Empower your managers with budgets to send instant gifts

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This article will help guide program administrators on setting up a Team for gifting!

Note: If your company has firewalls preventing employees from viewing certain websites or has email filtering, get your IT department to whitelist and domains. This will prevent from emails landing in the spam/junk mail folders and web pages not loading properly.

Here are the steps to rollout a Team gifting program:

  1. Decide how you plan to measure the success of your program after 6-12 months - performance review improvements, a reduction in turnover, engagement survey improvements.

  2. Decide how many Teams you'll need for your company.

  3. Create a Team with you and 1-2 other key admins to play around in.

  4. Send an email to all Team Members notifying them about Guusto Program.

  5. Transfer funds to your Team Members and/or give your Team Members Access to spend Team Funds so they can send gifts (learn more about sending gifts, and redeeming gifts).

  6. Set Team Members as Public if you'd like their activity to appear in other Team Member Dashboard Activity Feeds.

  7. View Team Reports to track everything.

Looking to implement a non-monetary recognition program (e.g. peer-to-peer), where Team Members can shoutout their colleagues?

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