How do I create a Team?
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This article will walk you through creating a Team. A Team is a great way to provide budgets to Team Members for recognizing colleagues. If you'd like more information about what type of account would work best for your needs, Personal Accounts vs Team Accounts, please see the following article here!

1. Login to your account.

2. Navigate through Teams > Manage Teams.

3. Click Create new Team.

4. Select your Head Office location to determine the default billing currency of your Team account and click Continue.

5. Enter a Team Name and make sure that the Default Gift Currency is correct for your Team.

6. Enter Team Members individually by typing their email address and clicking Add Member.

Alternatively, you can create the Team with just you as the member and then load multiple members at once by using the Upload list option on the Manage Members page. You can always add other Team Members later.

7. Click Create Team to save changes.

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