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How-to guide for sending Guusto gifts using a web browser
How-to guide for sending Guusto gifts using a web browser

How do I send gifts? How do I send gifts using Web Platform?

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You are able to send gifts through the Guusto platform from your computer by logging into Guusto on a web browser. We suggest trying to use Google Chrome or Firefox as these are most compatible with Guusto!

Note: If you are sending gifts through or to a workplace email and your company has firewalls preventing employees from viewing certain websites, get your IT department to whitelist and domains. This will prevent gift emails landing in the spam/junk mail folders and web pages not loading properly.

1. Login to your account at

2. Click Send Gifts in the navigation menu.

3. Order:

  • On this page you can fill out order details such as the type, the value and the number of gifts that you'd like to send.

  • Additionally, you can personalize the way that the gift email/print out will look and preview these changes on the right hand side of the page.

Once finished, click the Next Step button near the bottom of the page.

Tip: If you are part of a recognition program that sends gifts in more than one currency, confirm you are sending your gift recipient the intended currency!

4. Delivery & Recipients: On this page, you can choose the method of delivery for the gift that you're sending out, fill out the recipient's details and schedule a date for the gift to be delivered on.

Here's an overview of the available Delivery Options:

  • Email and/or text message - Delivers the gift to the recipient using the email address or the phone number that you enter in the recipient details.

  • Print Merchant Gift Card - Deliver a print out for a specific merchant gift card yourself if the recipient does not have an email address or access to the internet.

Multiple Recipients (optional) - If you're sending out gifts to multiple recipients, please check out our bulk gift sending guide!

5. If you'd like to be CC'd on the gift emails, check the box shown in the screenshot below. Then, click the Next Step button.

6. Payment: On this page, you can review your order's details, your available account funds, and then click the Confirm Order button to create/send out your gift order.

7. Order Confirmation: On this page, you can see your order summary and use the following options

  • Print Gifts - to provide physical gifts to recipients (you can also do this from the Order History page).

  • Export Gifts - to send gift links using a separate system (you can also do this from the Order History page).

If you selected email or text message as your delivery option, no action is needed from your on the Confirmation page. You can go to the Gift Reports > Order History section to see and manage all your sent gifts.

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