The Manage Gifts page is like a command centre. It keeps track of all sent gifts and allows you to view the details of each gift. 

On this page, you can view:

  • Ref # is unique to each gift you send and allows you to search for a specific gift

  • Date tells you when a gift was sent

  • Gift Link allows you to view the gift as it appears to the recipient by clicking "view gift"

Value / Venue / Msg

  • Value is the value of the gift sent 

  • Venue shows you the specific merchant that was chosen for the gift

  • Msg shows you the message that was attached to the gift. You can edit and customize a specific message by clicking "message on gift" (learn how to change your default messages).

Reason / By / Acc't

  • By shows you the sender of the gift 

  • Acc't shows you what account the gift was sent from 

Given to / Note 

  • Given to shows you the recipient of the gift and their information attached to the gift

  • Note shows you any private notes that were made about the recipient (e.g. which store they work at). You can edit and add notes by clicking on the existing note or "add note".

Status / Claimed by

  • Status shows you whether or not the gift has been claimed, and the claim by date (if you have set a claim by date). You can cancel unclaimed gifts (and receive full credit back into your account) or send remind options to those who have not yet claimed their gifts (you can send via text or email). 

  • Claimed by shows you the person who claimed the gift and the date it was claimed. Once a gift is claimed, you can view the thank you message that they have sent by clicking "thx msg". 

If you are a Team Admin, you can select between Teams from the top drop box to view tracking for each Team. You can also select All Accounts from the top drop box to view complete tracking for all Teams.

Additionally, you have the ability to print or export your Manage Gifts page. 


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