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My Guusto Gift is showing $0 available
My Guusto Gift is showing $0 available

Why is my gift balance showing $0? Why is does my gift card show no funds?

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First, confirm you are looking at the correct gift and not an older gift you may have already redeemed for a merchant gift card.

If your Guusto gift is showing $0 it means you have already redeemed your Guusto gift for a merchant gift card or it was sent to you as a pre-selected merchant gift.

When you select a merchant to redeem your Guusto gift, the system instantly transfers and loads the funds to the merchant gift card bought off their website. Once you click on 'View gift card' the system then displays the fully loaded e-gift card for you to use.

Unfortunately, we do not have access to the merchant gift card systems to check the transaction history of a merchant's e-gift card. However, the gift card holder can contact the merchant's support team for that information by calling the phone number at the bottom of the gift card, or go to the merchant website for a gift card balance checker.

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