If you have received multiple gifts, make sure to search your inbox for all messages from Guusto to claim each gift (see full claiming and redeeming instructions), to ensure you're not looking at an older gift in your account that you have used.

When you select a merchant to redeem your Guusto gift, the system instantly transfers the funds to the merchant for an e-gift card bought off their website. The system then displays the fully loaded e-gift card for you to redeem. 

Once it has been fully used, it will show as $0 on the merchant's system if you try to redeem it again.

Some merchants offer auto-balance updates on their e-gift cards for you to check the balance by re-loading the webpage. However, some do not, in which case the webpage with the e-gift card may still display the original value of the gift card, when it has already been used. 

Unfortunately, we do not have access to the merchant gift card systems to check the transaction history of a merchant's e-gift card. However, the gift card holder can contact the merchant's support team for that information by calling the phone number at the bottom of the gift card (see image below), or the phone number on the gift card section of the merchant's website. 

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