You may notice a drop-down menu in the header with various accounts.

Personal Account

Your Personal account is a personal and private account that you can use for sending gifts, that is not connected to your Team accounts. You can load funds to your Personal account in advance or use a credit card to send gifts to employees, clients, or friends. Team Admins would never see this activity.

Team Member Account

Your Team Member account is the account you can use to buy gifts using funds allocated to you by your Team Admin, or nominate colleagues. Team Admins would see all of this activity.

Team Admin

In the Dashboard and Account Funds sections, you may see an additional option for "Team Admin" if you have Admin Rights for any Teams. This will give you an overview of Team Spending and Team Balances for all your Teams.

Note: Every account has a set currency (CAD or USD).

How do I transfer funds between my Personal account and my Team accounts?
How do I create an account?

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