Check the Balance on a Guusto Gift

You can see the Available Remaining Balance on your Guusto gift which has not yet been assigned to any specific merchant.


Check Balance on a Merchant Gift Card that Offers Auto-Balance Updates

Some merchants offer auto-balance updates on their e-gift cards, in which case it will show right below the Redeem Amount. 

To view the balance on your various gift cards:

  1. Login to your Guusto account using the Web Platform or Mobile App.

  2. Navigate to Redeem Gifts.

  3. Select the Guusto gift.

  4. See Balance Check beside any merchant gift card.


Check the Balance on a Merchant Gift Card that Does Not Offer Auto-Balance Updates 

For merchants that do not offer auto-balance updates, you will see "N/A". To get your gift card balance, you will need to search the merchant's website for a "gift card balance check page" or contact the merchant directly with your gift card number. 

Once you know that all the redeemed gift cards have a $0 balance in one of your Guusto gifts, we recommend marking that Guusto gift as used.

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