2. Navigate to Teams > Manage Members (you'll need to first create a Team)

3. In the drop-down menu in the header, select your desired Team

4. Select Upload List

5. Download the template spreadsheet (do NOT change the column headers).

6. Fill out or paste in Team Member details on the spreadsheet.

The following fields are required for each Team Member

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

See optional field formats below (if a field is left blank, the setting will remain the
same for existing Team Member, or default to first listed option for new Team Member):

  • Employee Number (enter numbers or letters, like AE54566)

  • Admin Notes (enter any notes about employee, like their department)

  • Active (enter Yes, or No)

  • Rights (enter M, A, MR, MN, MNR, or ML)

  • Publicity (enter PGN, PG, PN, or Off)

  • Access to Team Funds (enter No, or Yes)

  • Spend Limits (leave blank for No limit, or enter a number with no $ sign, like 200)

  • Photo (enter link to an image file, like http://example.com/photo123.jpg)

7. Save the spreadsheet as a .csv file, then upload it by clicking upload file

8. Select the upload type:

Only add Members will

  • Add any new Members from the file not already on the Team

Override existing Team with new list (learn more)

  • Update existing Team Members with data from the file

  • Add new Members from the file not already on the Team

  • Deactivate any existing Members with Account Activity not listed in the file

  • Delete any existing Members with no Account Activity not listed in the file

9. Review how many Members will be added or overridden, then click Confirm.

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