You are now able to attach Notes to your Recipients (ie: department, biz unit etc.) to help you when tracking different cost centers. Recipient Notes are a convenient way for you (the gift sender) to keep organized, accurate reports regarding your gift sending. Recipient Notes are only visible to the gift sender, never the recipient.


A List of Recipient Notes can be added in a drop-down menu for you to choose from when buying gifts. The Notes will be attached to each gift that is sent, and will show up in the Gift Reports>Order History page. In the Order History page, you are able to keep track and export reports that log all your gifting expenses. To see the attached notes, scroll all the way to the right in the Order History page.


You are also able to attach a specific Recipient Note to a Common Recipient so that when you send them a gift, the Note is auto-filled in with the rest of their contact information (Full name, email address etc). This is very convenient as you do not need to fill in the Notes box for each Common Recipient that you send a gift. Recipient Notes for Common Recipients also ensures that every gift that is sent out is labelled with your desired Note and will be tracked for your benefit.

  • Notes can be added to Common Recipient for both your Personal or Team Accounts.

How do I load a list of Recipient Notes for my Team Members?
How do I create a list of Recipient Notes to choose from when sending gifts with my Personal Account?

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