Guusto has partnered with Swift Prepaid Solutions to offer Prepaid Mastercard!

You can now send Guusto gifts to your global network, allowing your employee or client appreciation efforts to extend beyond the US.

When sending a gift, you can pre-select Prepaid Mastercard for the recipient, or the recipient can choose it from the list of partner merchants.
The recipient will then have the freedom to redeem at any merchant that accepts Mastercard. It can be used for any online shopping (CAD and USD) or loaded into a mobile wallet to pay with tap (USD only). 

Unsure if your recipient uses a mobile wallet? No problem! With the Prepaid Mastercard (Choice) option, recipients can choose to have a physical card delivered right to their door. 

To get Prepaid Mastercard added to your program as a merchant option, your company just needs to complete these KNOW YOUR BUSINESS FORMS for the processor (note: they will only approve programs that will spend more than $1000).
If you are a privately owned company you are also required to submit the BENEFICIAL OWNERSHIP CERTIFICATION.

FAQ - Prepaid Mastercards
How do I redeem a Guusto gift for a Prepaid Mastercard®?

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