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How-to guide to redeem your Guusto gift for a Prepaid Mastercard®
How-to guide to redeem your Guusto gift for a Prepaid Mastercard®

How do I redeem a Guusto gift for a Prepaid Mastercard®? How do I get a Mastercard®? How to use Mastercard gift?

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Please note: If you do not see Mastercard as merchant option, your company or gift sender must first apply to be able to offer Mastercard as a merchant selection by submitting an application.

If you are a gift sender or administrator, there is more information about adding Mastercard to your program here.

1. Select the desired gift from list of gifts in your account (skip to Step 3 if the sender pre-specified Prepaid Mastercard as the merchant).

2. Enter the desired amount to redeem and choose Prepaid Mastercard (Virtual) or Prepaid Mastercard (Choice). Once a merchant is selected, it cannot be changed.

A) Prepaid Mastercard (Virtual):

You would receive a Virtual card to use instantly online (USD or CAD) or add to a digital wallet to pay with Tap (USD and CAD).

Fees associated with Virtual card:

  • $0 fee for Redeem Amount of $50-$1000

B) Prepaid Mastercard (Choice): 

You get the choice of a Physical card mailed to your address (USD or CAD), or a Virtual card to use instantly online (USD or CAD) or add to a mobile wallet to pay with tap (USD only).

Fees associated with Choice card:

  • $5 fee for Redeem Amount of $50-$105

  • $10 fee for Redeem Amount of $106-$260

  • $15 fee for Redeem Amount of $261-$514

The fee is deducted from Redeem Amount and includes any printing or shipping costs. If you Redeem $100, you would receive a $95 Physical Prepaid Mastercard. 

3. To confirm your selection click the checkbox" I understand this merchant selection cannot be changed" and click confirm. Then click View Gift Card.

4. A popup confirming that you have been emailed a secure Prepaid Mastercard link from [email protected] with a subject line of Your Mastercard Has Arrived will come up on screen after you click View Gift Card.

5. Click the link in your email. All the information you need to use and track your card, including balance and spend history, is available online in one secure, convenient place, accessible via the link in your email.

6. Choose Virtual Mastercard or Physical Mastercard.

7. Enter your address (this will be used for mailing you a Physical card or for your Billing Address for security checks when shopping online).

8A. Physical: Wait 7-10 business days for your Physical Mastercard to arrive by mail. 

8B. Virtual: View your Virtual Mastercard details, and use them for shopping online (USD or CAD) or load it to a mobile wallet to pay with tap (now available for both USD and CAD Virtual Mastercards). 

9. Optional: Secure the Payment by creating a username and password. This will allow you to login anytime at without having to access your original payment email.

* Be advised - once fully redeemed, the Prepaid Mastercard will expire 6 months from the date accessed, and is valid through the last day printed on the card. The digital token received by email expires after 3 months, but a new token can be issued by the Mastercard Support Team to access the card if needed. Both Virtual and Physical cards expire after 6 months after they are accessed. If the accessed card expires after 6 months and the balance is unused, Mastercard's team can re-issue the card with a fee of $12.95 deducted from the card balance. However, cards with a partially used balance that expires cannot be re-issued.

Legal Fine Print


The Guusto Prepaid Mastercard is issued by Transact Payments Limited pursuant to licence by Mastercard International Incorporated. Transact Payments Limited is authorized and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.


Use your Card at millions of locations worldwide, everywhere you see the Mastercard Acceptance Mark. Card is issued by Peoples Trust Company pursuant to licence by Mastercard International. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

Utilisez votre carte à des millions d’endroits dans le monde entier, partout où vous voyez la marque Mastercard. Carte est émise par la Compagnie de Fiducie Peoples conformément à la licence par Mastercard International. Mastercard est une marque déposée et le concept de cercles est une marque de commerce de Mastercard International Incorporated.

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