Using the Upload Override feature, you are now able to override your existing list of Team Members with a new list. This makes managing a large Team more convenient as you no longer have to add/delete each member as they join/leave the company. 

Overriding a Team Member list is made easy for you. Simply export the .CSV spreadsheet template and quickly fill in/delete your new Team Member information, to completely override your list of Team Members, leaving you more time to send out gifts to your hard-working employees and build an effective recognition program! 

The Override feature allows you to update the following information about your Team Members: 

  • Update existing Team Members with data from the file

  • Add new Members from the file not already on the Team

  • Deactivate any existing Members with Account Activity not listed in the file

  • Delete any existing Members with no Account Activity not listed in the file

How do I upload a list of Team Members?
How do I update/maintain a large list of Team Members?

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