1. Click Claim your Gift in the email or text message you received - it will open a web browser.

2. Click the Claim Your Gift button.

3.  Attach the gift to your email address, so you never lose it in your messages. You can then access it anytime through guusto.com or the mobile app. Enter your email address and click Sign in with Guusto or Sign in with Google (learn more). 

4. If you have an existing Guusto account, enter your password (note: you can always click "forgot password" link to reset it). 

If you're new to Guusto, the system will create you a Guusto account, ask you to create a password for it, and then add the gift to the new account (note: you can always click the "forgot password" link to reset it).

5. Write a quick thank you message to the sender so they know you've received it and click send msg & view my gifts.

6. Click the desired gift from list of gifts in your account (skip to step 9 if sender pre-specified the merchant).

7. Enter the desired amount to redeem and click choose venue.

8. Select desired merchant (note: you can filter the list by city and view a map of merchants in your city). Once a merchant is selected, it cannot be changed!

9. Click view gift code to view merchant gift card.

10. Click Print to print a paper copy of your gift card. 

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