How do I add Prepaid Mastercard to our company's program?

To get Prepaid Mastercard added to your program as a merchant option, your company just needs to complete these KNOW YOUR CLIENT FORMS for the processor (note: they will only approve programs that will spend more than $1000).


Does the virtual card expire after 3 months? 

The digital token expires after 3 months, but a new one can be issued if needed to access the card. The Mastercard with the balance expires after 6 months.


Is there a way to print off the virtual card to be used physically at a merchant of choice?

No, the virtual card cannot be printed to use in-stores. It can be used for online shopping (USD and CAD), or loaded into a mobile wallet to pay with tap (USD only). If you would like a physical card, select the Prepaid Mastercard Choice option instead.


Does the virtual card have to be used at one of Guusto’s selection of merchants?

No, it can be used at any merchant that accepts Mastercard online (USD or CAD), or any merchant that accepts Mastercard Tap payments (USD only).


Can the virtual card be used in-store, or only online? 

It can be used for online shopping (USD and CAD), or loaded into a mobile wallet to pay with tap (USD only).


Is there a way to reverse this back into the recipient's Guusto account if they decide they don’t want the selected merchant or Prepaid Mastercard?

Unfortunately, the processors do not offer refunds. Once a merchant or Mastercard is selected, it cannot be reversed. 


If you go on the guusto website, a prepaid mastercard is listed as an option. However, we don't see that on our vendor list. Is that something we can add?

Yes, we can add it to your program. You just need to contact us to complete the forms required by the processor.


A lot of the information on the processing forms for Prepaid Mastercards seems geared to the US. Why do Canadian companies need to complete them?

The MasterCard processor requires this information in order to comply with Mastercard terms and complete the transaction.


If you have any additional questions please start a live chat with us or email [email protected]


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