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Is there a fee for Teams with no active Nomination Box?

No, Teams without a Nomination Box are free!


Can I setup multiple Teams?

Yes. Each Team would be a separate subscription and billed according to the number of Members in that Team.


What if I grow and add more Team Members?

No problem, your bill will be pro-rated based on the number of active Members on your Team.


What if I have hundreds of Team members?

We offer reduced pricing for large organizations that are sending lots of gifts in addition to their peer-to-peer Nomination program. Contact us to discuss custom price.


What if I am unsure if the Nomination Box will be useful for my Team?

We offer 30 day free trials for all of our Premium subscriptions. Try it out and see what you think!


Am I locked into a Premium account once I've sign up for a subscription?

Nope, you can cancel your Premium subscription anytime. 

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