Team Account

1. Login to your Guusto account

2. Click Teams

3. In the sub-menu, select Settings

4. In the drop-down menu in the header, select your desired Team 

5. Click Pre-loaded Recipients

6. Input recipient details (Full Name, Contact Info etc). 

*Optional - Add Notes to the specific common recipient (ie: department, biz unit etc). When buying gifts, the note will be automatically attached to the gift and will help you when tracking different cost centres.

7. Click add recipient to add individually. Note: to delete any common recipients from your Pre-loaded Recipient List, click the "x" next to their name

8. To upload a list of Pre-loaded recipients, click Import List and follow the given instructions

Now whenever you start typing the name of someone who's in your list of Pre-loaded recipients, our system will auto-populate all their details for you!

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