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How-to guide for gifting a printed gift
How-to guide for gifting a printed gift

How do I print gifts to give to gift recipient? Can I export gifts? Can I print gifts?

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This article will walk you through creating a printed gift to physically hand to your gift recipient! With a printed gift, your gift recipient will use the short link provided on the printed gift to claim and redeem their gift through a Guusto account.

1. Login to your Guusto account. 

2. Select your desired Team from the dropdown menu.

3. Navigate to Send Gifts.

4. Input all the gift details and click Next Step: Delivery & Recipients.

5. Select "Print or Export".

6. Optional: fill out recipient names

7. Click Next Step: Payment.

8. Click Confirm Order.

9. On the Order Confirmation screen, click Export gift links for a .cvs of direct gift links to be downloaded or click Print gifts to open the gift up in a web browser to print. If you are doing a bulk order of printed gifts, it is best to use the Export gift links option.

Tip: if you need to reprint a gift you are able to from your Order History. Confirm you are under the Team or account used to order the gifts and navigate to Gift Reports > Order History, locate the gift, click on the action buttons (three dots) and click print! The gift will open up in a webpage, like below. From there you can right click on the webpage and select Print.

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