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How to use Guusto for a Milestones/Anniversary program
How to use Guusto for a Milestones/Anniversary program

Using Guusto to recognize your employees

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As an employer, it’s important to recognize employees for milestones or anniversaries (e.g. 5 years at the company). The Guusto system can help you streamline the program, while making sure recipients feel appreciated for their contributions by receiving something they value.

We recommend scheduling gifts on a monthly basis, but it can also be done weekly, quarterly, or yearly, depending on what works best for your company.

Only three simple steps to schedule gifts for your employee milestones:

1. Export a list of milestone or anniversary dates with the recipients’ first & last name and email address (or mobile phone number).

2. Paste information into our template (do not change template headers).

3. In Guusto, navigate to “Buy Gifts”, fill out the Order step, and upload the list on Delivery step.

Once the order is confirmed, the gifts will be sent out according to the dates you’ve set for each gift.


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