Guusto aims to provide maximum flexibility when it comes to delivering gifts. We understand that your employees may be located in different locations and have varying levels of access to technology; we also take into account the possibility that you may want to give gifts in person instead of delivering digitally.

When buying gifts, you can choose from 3 delivery methods to send out your gifts:

1. Send via email and/or text message

This is the most convenient and commonly used delivery method. We send the gifts for you, and the recipients receive the gift in their email or as a text message. Automatic reminders are also scheduled for one week after initially being sent and one week before the end of the claim period.


2. Print or export gifts

Print: You can skip entering recipient contact details, place the order, and print out Guusto gifts that contain a unique gift link URL. You can then pass out the physical gifts in-person. The recipient would simply type the link into any web browser to claim their gift (like any gift sent by email), and then choose where to redeem it.

If you'd like detailed instructions on how to print or export gifts, you can look at this article!

Export: You can skip entering recipient contact details, place the order, and export the gift link URLs to an excel sheet. You can then send the link using your own internal communication channel or mail merge system (e.g. Outlook, Mail-chimp). The recipient would simply click the link to claim their gift (like any gift sent via email), and then choose where to redeem it.


3. Print merchant gift codes

You can pre-select the merchant and simply print a merchant gift card. This is great option for recipients who are tech adverse, as it allows them to use the gift card without ever having to deal with computers (of course they miss out on choosing where to redeem it, and it can potentially be lost since they never claim it to a Guusto account).


Bonus Delivery Tip: Pay-Forward Gifts
When buying gifts, there's an option to turn on Pay-Forward feature, which mandates the initial recipient re-gift it to someone else. For example, you may want to deliver a gift to each store manager, for them to pass on to the employee of the week or a high value client. You can then track where all gifts end up.

Learn more about Pay-Forward gifts.


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