The Gift Reports page is like a command centre. It keeps track of all sent gifts and allows you to view the details of each gift.

On this page, you can view several aspects of the gifts you've been sending, these are
Overview, Order History, Expenses, Taxable Benefits and Gift Reasons

1) Overview
Overview is your go-to source for an overhead view on all the gifts you've been sending out. You can see Amount Spent on gifts, total number of Claimed and Unclaimed gifts, in addition to cancelled ones. These you can filter by whichever date range you'd like to have a closer look at certain metrics.
You will also be able to see Total Spent by Month and a total Spent Breakdown.

2) Order History
Order History is what was called "Manage Gifts" on the old platform.
Here, you will have access to a plethora of information about the gifts you have sent out, such as;

Status: States whether the gift has been cancelled, claimed or not yet claimed.
Ref and Order #: Allows us to internally track your Gift Card
Order Date: When the gift has been bought
Sent Date: When the gift has been sent out
To: To whom the gift has been sent out
Value: The value of the gift card
Merchant: The merchant the gift card was sent out for
Message: The message attached to the gift card
Reason: The reason the gift card was sent out for
Notes: If there are any notes attached to the gift, it will appear here. This is not visible to the recipient

Under Order History, you are also able to Print and Resend Gifts, and make some edits to the gift itself.

3) Expenses
The Expenses shows you a report of the transactions you have, whether that is funding your account, a transfer by a team admin or a purchase.
You can filter and export these reports as well.

4) Taxable Benefits
Like the Expenses page, the Taxable Benefits page shows you the taxable benefits you've received using Guusto.

5) Gift Reasons

The Gift Reasons page provides insight as to which reasons have been used while gifting. You can see both the top 5 reasons in total value of gifts and total number of gifts.

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