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If your company has firewalls, you might need to request your IT department to allowlist certain domains, while allowing certain subject lines through!

The Guusto domains to allowlist are:

IP addresses: and

Guusto emails (including gift nomination emails) will be sent from [email protected]

Our subject lines for gifts are:
Sender Name sent you a Guusto gift card. ("Sender Name" will change on each gift email depending on who is the sender)

For account access:

One-time verification code

For nominations:
You've been nominated on Guusto!

For manager notifications:
Keeping you in the loop

For password resets:
Account Password Reset

You will also need to allowlist some email and subject lines for Mastercard as well.

The Mastercard token (access) emails are sent out from the email address: [email protected].

  • Subject line for the token email is: ‘Your Mastercard Reward Has Arrived!

If they need to be re-sent, the email resends come from this email address: [email protected].

  • Subject line for re-sent token emails is: ‘Don't Forget: Your Mastercard Reward Has Arrived!

If they are trying to access their Mastercard after completing the redemption process, the verification code will come from this email: [email protected].

  • Subject line for the verification code is: ‘Your Identity Verification Code

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