If your company has firewalls, you might need to request your IT department to whitelist certain domains, while allowing certain subject lines through!

The Guusto domains to whitelist are:





IP addresses: and

Guusto emails (including gift nomination emails) will be sent from [email protected]

Our subject lines for gifts are:
Sender Name sent you a Guusto gift card. ("Sender Name" will change on each gift email depending on who is the sender)

For nominations:
You've been nominated on Guusto!

For manager notifications:
Keeping you in the loop

You will also need to whitelist some email and subject lines for Mastercard as well.

The Mastercard token (access) emails are sent out from the email address: [email protected].

If they need to be re-sent, the email resends come from this email address: [email protected].

Subject line for the token email is: ‘Your Mastercard Reward Has Arrived!

Subject line for re-sent token emails is: ‘Don't Forget: Your Mastercard Reward Has Arrived!

Subject line for the security code is: ‘Your Identity Verification Code

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