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Guusto Pricing

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Pricing is, and always will be, a source of questions no matter what. Below is a breakdown of our pricing structure. You can also take a look at our pricing page for more details or reach out to us via the chat. :D


The individual accounts on Guusto are free! An individual account is created when you sign up for Guusto. It allows you to send unlimited gifts to unlimited recipients, who can then claim gifts to their own personal account.

This plan is best for small companies with a limited budget or for professionals who want a way to recognize their clients easily.


Setting up Teams allows your organization to allocate budgets to your team members for sending out rewards and recognition, whether it's your managers recognizing their employees who align with your core values or employees recognizing each other in real time.

The cost per team member is priced competitively at $2.25 USD per member/month. You will have 35 team members included!


The Premium subscription is great for large organizations that want full automation with access to single sign-on and integration services.

This plan starts at $3.50 USD per member/month. Contact us for pricing based on volume. You will have 100 team members included!


Contact us to fit your needs!

Professional Services:

If your organization is just starting up a recognition program, we offer custom packages that give you access to an HR Leader with 20+ years experience building recognition programs for teams of 200-10,000 people.

Contact us at [email protected] to get your recognition program perfected!

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