New Features for Admins

  • Gift Reports - Gift reports now have several new subsections and features! (Learn more here!)
    - The Overview page of Gifts reports, which includes spending and participation breakdown
    - The gift reasons page now has updated reporting!
    - The option to resend all gifts from the Order History page with a single click!

  • Easy Access to Currencies - Each Team can now have both USD and CAD, which are all displayed on the header (Learn more here!)

  • Easy Access to the Bulk Gift Template - Download bulk gift template available on the order step, rather than the delivery step (Learn more here!)

  • Updated UI!

  • Detailed Nomination Box Overview - Nomination Box Admin functionalities have been moved to "Teams-Nomination Box" (Learn more here!)
    - Nomination Box Admin has an Overview Page, Nominations, Reasons and Settings

  • New Admin Level Funding - All team funds and budgeting features has been moved to "Teams > Manage Funds"! (Learn more here!)
    -Transferring funds between teams
    - Funding the team account
    - Budget allocation
    - Giving access to team funds and transferring funds to employees

  • New Look for the Dashboard - Revamped Dashboard (Learn more here)
    - Bulletin Board where you can share your Vision, Priorities and even more!
    - A recent activity feed that includes liking and commenting

New Features for Team Members

  • Streamlined the Gift Sending Experience - Here's how to send gifts in the new platform! (Learn more here)

  • Fine Tuned Sending Nominations - Here's how to send a nomination in the new platform! (Learn more here!)

New Features for Gift Recipients

  • Made Redeeming Gifts Even Easier - Here's how to redeem gifts in our new platform! (Learn more here)

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