The Nomination Box under Teams allow you to manage Nominations, get a general sense of the Nominations being sent out, the reasons why they're being sent out and adjust the settings!

It is separated into four sections, Overview, Nominations, Reasons and Settings.

1) Overview

Under Overview, you can see general participation metrics and the Nomination Leaderboard, which you can filter by date, location, department and internal notes.

You are also able to make a nomination draw!

2) Nominations

Under Nominations, you are able to see all the nominations that have been sent out to date, alongside with the sender, recipient of the nominations, as well as the reason of the nomination and the included message.

If you have enabled the option to require approval before nominations are sent out, this is where you would approve them.

You are also able to send a nomination on someone else's behalf, filter the nominations and export a list!

3) Reasons

Under Reasons, you can see the top 5 nomination reasons, as well as the total number of nominations for each reason.

You can filter both data by date, member, department, location and internal notes, as well as export the list.

4) Settings

The Settings page allows you to change certain preferences for your team. These settings are:

  • Activate Nomination Box for Team: Toggles the Nomination Box for your team.

  • Require admin approval for all submitted nominations: If activated, all submitted nominations will need to be approved before they are sent out.

  • Allow team members to suggest gift values for nominations: If activated, when making a nomination the sender will be able to suggest a gift value.

  • Hide Leaderboard: Toggles the Leaderboard for your team.

  • Hide Notify Manager field: Toggles the Notify Manager field for your team.

  • Hide Upload Image field: Toggles the Upload Image field.

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