Team admins, or members who are given access to the Teams > Manage Funds section, are able to see the total amount of funds within each team, broken down by

  1. Each Team's Team Balance

  2. The total amount of funds allocated from the Team balance to each individual team member's Member Balance

  3. The total of the two combined

Total Team Balance + Total Member Balance = Total Available Funds.

Here's a breakdown of each of those terms:

Total Team Balance

The total Team Balance is what you see on the top right corner of the screen when you are on the Teams > Manage Funds page. This value is specific to the Team and currency selected from the header dropdown menus. This balance can be accessed by any Team Member who has been granted access to Team Funds.

Total Member Balance

The total Member Balance is the $ value allocated to individual members within each Team. Funds are taken out from the Team Balance and transferred into Member balances. The Member Balance can only be accessed by the Team Member who it was transferred too.

Total Available Funds

The total Available Funds in each Team is the Team Balance plus each member's Member Balance combined.


Let's say Team X has the following balances:

Total Team Balance: $55

Total Member Balance: $0

Total Available Funds: $55

If the team admin went to the the Member Balances page (Teams > Manage Funds > Member Balances), and transfers $55 to Team Member Alex's Member Balance, Alex would then have $55 in his Member Balance, and the Team Balance would drop to $0.

After the action described above, Team X's balances would now show:

Total Team Balance: $0

Total Member Balance: $55

Total Available Funds: $55

The Total Available Funds does not change because money was simply moved from Team Balance to a Member's Balance.

The Total Available Funds will only change if Alex uses their $55 budget to send out a gift, or if the Team admin moved the $55 out from Team X to another Team.


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