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How do I add and update custom Team Member data fields?
How do I add and update custom Team Member data fields?

Custom fields describe gender, location, and whatever else you would like to track!

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We’ve added additional data fields to your team member lists!

Administrators can customize these to add fields such as gender, region, department, and more. This can track additional attributes for initiatives such as DE&I program. This article will guide you through how to customize your data settings, update your team members, and track your custom data.

Step 1: Customize your team member settings

Navigate to Teams > General Settings > Advanced Reporting.

Member Data displays additional data fields you can customize and filter for your team. A few options include Region and Gender. You may add up to 10 additional data fields.

Click on Save Changes to capture your new data fields for your team. Navigate to another team name in the header to update member data if you need to update data fields for more than one team.

Step 2: Update team member data

Update your data fields by uploading a CSV list. Navigate to Teams > Manage members and upload a CSV with the appropriate fields. You will be prompted to upload a new list or update existing team member data.

You can always add one member at a time by clicking add a member on the top of the page.

Step 3: Track Member Data

Track and report activity on additional data fields by clicking on Reports. Click on "Filter" to track data by each custom member field.

You’re all set!

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