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How do I set up the Microsoft Teams integration?
How do I set up the Microsoft Teams integration?

A guide for administrators

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Increase engagement by tying recognition to your company's communication platform! It is simple to connect Microsoft Teams to Guusto, and requires no IT expertise, maintenance, or employee training.

Please note that Integrations are a Teams feature.

Contact us to upgrade to a paid subscription.

4 Simple Steps to Start:

Step 1: Set a location for Guusto recognition

First, identify the users that belong to your Guusto recognition program. If you have an existing team in Microsoft Teams, create a new channel for recognition. If you have a select number of members participating in Guusto recognition, create a new Microsoft Teams team with these members. Click on the following two areas shown in the image below to create a team.

Add members to your team.

Make sure you include everyone who participates in your recognition program by either sending gifts or nominations. Navigate to Team Settings and Manage Members to add or remove team members. Users who are part of the Microsoft Team, and not part of Guusto will see recent activity, but will not be able to send a gift or nomination in Microsoft Teams.

Add details about your team and create a name

Step 2: Configure an Incoming Webhook

Click on the three dots next to your Team's channel. In this example, the channel is called "General". Select "Connectors" from the drop down menu.

Navigate to Incoming Webhook, as shown below. Click on Configure.

Next, customize the Incoming Webhook. Label this webhook with the name of your Guusto recognition program. You may optionally add an image. Click on Create.

Last, copy the URL by clicking on the copy image shown below. You need to email this to your Guusto account representative.

Step 3: Email the incoming Webhook to [email protected].

Email the following to [email protected]:

Label the subject line: 'MS Teams - Webhook URL'

Indicate which Guusto team you are using it for.

Once the Customer Success team has received your Webhook, the Guusto app will appear at the bottom of your workspace. Click the gift icon to send a gift or nomination. A pop-up will appear with the exact Guusto process. No training is required!

Note: All employees who are part of the Microsoft team channel will see recent activity in your Guusto recognition program. They must be paying users in your Guusto program to successfully send or receive gifts and nominations.

NOTE: Next, you will need to add the Guusto app to your team within the Microsoft interface.


Bonus: How to change or delete your Teams Integration

It is a breeze to change or deactivate your Microsoft Team channel!

Log into your Guusto app from your web browser. Navigate to Team > Settings for your team. A new tab will appear labeled “Microsoft Teams” as shown below. Within this tab, you may change the incoming webhook address to another team. You do not need to contact your account representative after you have set up your Microsoft Teams account with Guusto.

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