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How do I add the Guusto app in Microsoft Teams?
How do I add the Guusto app in Microsoft Teams?

Admin and individual user settings

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How to add the Guusto App from the Microsoft 360 Administration Center (Admin settings)

Note: you may need to ask your IT department to help with this step. If you cannot access the Microsoft 360 administration center, your users may need to complete the steps noted above.

  1. In the side bar menu, navigate to Teams apps and click on "Manage Apps". Search for Guusto and select "Add to team".

2. A pop-up field will appear on the right side to add the app to your team. Add all teams with Guusto recognition programs. Please note that you may only add one team at a time.

Members within the relevant recognition teams will now have the Guusto app available! Upon sending a message in the team, they should see the Guusto logo to click from. Otherwise, they may need to click on the three dots to see and pin the Guusto to their app toolbar. See the image below for reference.


Individual Settings

Did your administrator recently integrate Guusto with Microsoft Teams?

You will first need to add the Guusto application in your Teams account.

Follow these simple steps below to get started!

  1. Click on New Conversation in the bottom of the channel.

  2. Click on the 3 dots in the message toolbar. A pop-up will appear to find an app.

  3. Type in "Guusto" to select and download the app below.

You're all set! The Guusto icon will now appear in your app toolbar (see below).

Click on the gift to start recognizing employees right from Microsoft Teams.

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