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Are there any additional costs associated with this feature?

Nope! Microsoft Teams for Guusto is included in all paid subscription options. There are no implementation fees to get started.

Can I use the dashboard filter for team members in Guusto to create teams in Microsoft Teams?

We recommend moving all active members of their recognition program into a new MS Teams team with the same people in Guusto.

All activity from a Guusto team will push directly into a Microsoft Teams team, which is why the team creation is an important step. We’re here to help with your specific program needs!

I don’t have the nomination box/gifting enabled for my team! Can members send restricted features from Microsoft Teams?

While both options will be present from the Guusto app, recognition activity is limited to your team abilities. For example, you will not be able to send a nomination if your team does not normally have it enabled.

Can I add the same webhook to multiple gift teams?

Only one team can be linked to one channel. You may have a new channel with a new team linked to it. The ideal situation would be that once a team has been linked to a channel, you can only use that team for that channel. That way, you can only use those team’s funds for sending gifts to members on that MS Teams team.


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