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How do I redeem an AXOMO gift?
How do I redeem an AXOMO gift?

Step-by-step swag redemption & FAQs

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Congrats! You received an AXOMO Card! Now what?

What is AXOMO?

Guusto offers swag and company branded merchandise through our partner, AXOMO. AXOMO offers a wide selection of brands from Adidas, JanSport, Puma, and more. Your program administrator has created a portal for you to purchase and ship swag to you wherever you are.

Can Guusto help me with a shipping issue?

Log into your AXOMO account and click the help button for assistance. The AXOMO team is there to help you with any shipping inquiries!

How do I redeem an AXOMO gift?

Users that receive an AXOMO card will experience a slightly different workflow than another gift card (like Amazon, for example).

1. Click on View Gift Code.

2. Create an account.

You will be redirected to AXOMO and the gift code is auto-populated into the sign up / login field (see screenshots below).

Note: Depending on your program settings, you may need to sign up with a company email address. Ask your program administrator if you encounter any problems with setting up an account.

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