How-to guide to reset your password

How do I reset my password? I forgot my password.

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If you sign in using a workplace portal or SSO (Single Sign On) you will not be able to change or reset your password through Guusto. Please reach out internally to your program administrator who will be best equipped to help you gain access to your Guusto account.

1. On the login page click on Forgot Password? located near the bottom of the form.

2. Enter the email associated with your Guusto account into the empty field then click Reset via Email.

Please note: Guusto only uses emails, not usernames. If you enter an email that is not associated with any Guusto account, the form will not inform you that no account exists but you will not receive an email.

3. You will receive an email from [email protected] with the subject line "Account Password Reset". Please navigate to your email client and check for the email. If you cannot locate it in your inbox, please check your spam or junk mail inbox, in case it has landed there.

4. Once you locate the password reset email click on Reset Password. Try to engage the password reset email as soon as possible as the link expires after 7 days.

5. Create and type in your new password and click Reset Password.

6. Once you enter your new password you will be prompted to verify your password change through a verification code.

7. Head to your email inbox and take note or copy and paste the code to input into the empty field on the previous page or tab where you requested the code.

8. Once you have verified your password change you will be able to sign in using your new password!

* Hint *

If your Guusto account is associated with a Gmail email address, try the Sign in with Google feature before trying to reset your password!

If you continue to run into trouble with your password reset you can contact our Customer Support Team through email or our chat feature at the bottom right of our Guusto Help Centre!

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