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How do I set up the Deel integration?
How do I set up the Deel integration?
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**Please note that this integration is only available for Guusto accounts with certain subscription types, please contact us to find out more :D

1. Initiate Integration Setup: To begin setting up your integration, please reach out to your dedicated Guusto customer success manager. They will provide you with a URL to an in-browser integration setup experience.

2. Access Integration Portal: Once you have the URL, open your web browser and navigate to it. With the in browser experience open you can either scroll down until you find the Deel logo or use the search bar and type in "Deel" to locate it.

3. Select Deel Integration: Click on the Deel logo, and you'll be presented with options. Choose "I want to authenticate through Deel's website."

4. Configure Integration: After selecting Deel, click "Next" You will then need to specify the environment you are integrating with. Choose "Deel Production" from the dropdown menu.

5. Confirm Integration: Click "Submit" to confirm your integration preferences.

6. Allow necessary permissions: Click "Allow" to allow Guusto to access your Deel account.

7. Integration Complete: Congratulations! Your account is now authenticated and integrated with Deel. You won't need to take any further action at this point.

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