Before starting, you may want to think about how you plan to measure the success of your Guusto program after 6-12 months: employee performance review improvements, a reduction in turnover, engagement survey improvements (learn more).

Note: If your company has firewalls, get your IT department to whitelist and domains.

When ready to rollout, here are the steps to get setup for success:

  1. Decide who to load as Team Members (learn more)
  2. Decide how many Teams you'll need for your company (learn more
  3. Determine the approximate budget for each Team (learn more)
  4. Create a Team with you and 1-2 other key admins to play around (learn more)
  5. Set Preferences: Gift Reasons (learn more), Notifications (learn more), and Recipient Restrictions (learn more)
  6. Fund your Team Account (learn more)
  7. Send an email to all Team Members notifying them about Guusto Program (learn more)
  8. Add Team Members or upload a list (learn more)
  9. Transfer funds to your Team Members (learn more) and/or give your Team Members Access to Spend Team Funds (learn more) so they can send gifts (learn more about sending gifts, and redeeming gifts)
  10. Set Team Members as Public if you'd like their activity to appear in other Team Member Dashboard Activity Feeds (learn more)
  11. Checkout Team Reports to track everything (learn more)
  12. Optional: Activate Nomination Box for Team Members to recognize other Team Members with non-monetary Nominations (learn more)

Still have questions or would like some more guidance? Contact us.

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