How do I give Team Members Access to spend Team Funds?
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You can give any Team Member the ability to Access Team Funds for sending gifts, without needing to manually or automatically transfer them funds in advance. If enabled, we recommend setting some spending limits (Total, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly or Per Gift).

If there are no funds in the main Team Balance, Team Member purchases will not go through (the credit card on the Team Administrator account would not be automatically charged, they would have to login and add funds to the Team Balance).

1. Login to your Guusto account

2. Navigate to Teams

3. In the sub-menu, select Manage Funds and then the Access to Team Funds & Limits tab.

4. In the drop-down menu in the header, select your desired Team

5. Set any or all Team Members as "Access Team Funds" by checking the boxes

Setting Spending Limits

To set total, quarterly, monthly, weekly and per gift spending limits, enter the desired $ amount into each appropriate box. Be sure to save changes at bottom.

* It is important to note that each quarter is already set as Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, and Oct-Dec. You are not able to set your own quarters.

1. Navigate to Teams

2. Navigate to Manage Funds

3. Click "Access to Team Funds & Limits" tab

4. Set spending limits as you choose

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