How do Member Public Settings work?
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You can modify a team member's publicity to control what actions the team sees.

There are two publicity options

Public Gifts (PG) - The team can see when this member sends a gift.

Public Nominations (PN) - The team can see nominations made by this member.


How to use Member Public Settings

1. Navigate to Teams then Manage Members.

2. Select the desired Team from the drop down menu at the top of the page.

OPTION 1: Set publicity setting by individual Team member

1. In line with the desired member, tick the appropriate box under the Publicity Header

OPTION 2: Set publicity setting for all or selected Team members

1. To apply to selected members, check the boxes next to the desired members' names. To apply to all check the box next to the actions column..

2. Select Apply to Selected.

3. Select the desired publicity setting from the options menu and click Apply.

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