What are Shoutouts?

Formally named the Nomination Box. How can I do non-monetary recognition?

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Shoutouts are a non-monetary way to show recognition! It builds upon the feature (formerly named the Nomination Box) which acted like a physical box in the middle of the office where you can quickly recognize your fellow team members with a nomination.

On top of quickly recognizing your fellow team members, Shoutouts accounts for other recognition reasons including onboarding, birthdays, and years of service.

Feature updates rolled out with Shoutouts include:

  • Ability to Print out your Shoutout

  • Ability to White-label Shoutouts to whatever your organization desires

  • Send a Shoutout to anyone, regardless if they have a Guusto account

Your Team Admin (or Managers with budgets) can then send Guusto gifts as they see fit based on the shoutouts, or perhaps enter members into a draw for every shoutout they receive to potentially win a larger prize, like a vacation.

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