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This article will guide program administrators on how to set-up Shoutouts for their recognition program!

Note: If your company has firewalls preventing employees from viewing certain websites or has email filtering, get your IT department to whitelist guusto.com and guus.to domains. This will prevent from emails landing in the spam/junk mail folders and web pages not loading properly.

We usually recommend setting up a separate Team for your Shoutouts program. This way, any Teams setup for gifting would only have managers empowered with budgets. Learn more about how many Teams you should setup.

Here are the steps to rollout a Team Shoutouts program:

  1. Decide how you plan to incentivize your employees to participate in Shoutouts - a weekly draw for a $50 Guusto gift, a free lunch for every 3 Shoutouts received etc

  2. Create a Team for you and 1-2 other key admins to play around in

  3. Set up Team Settings: Platform and Email Branding and Notifications

  4. Create a list of Shoutouts Reasons, we recommend core values

  5. Determine the appropriate pricing plan

  6. Load all employees who will be sending or receiving Shoutouts

  7. Track all Shoutouts that have been made

  8. Filter Shoutouts by Date, Admin Notes, Sender, Recipient, Reason, Status

Looking to implement a monetary recognition program, where managers would be empowered with budgets to send gifts?

Still have questions or would like some more guidance? Contact us.

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