Note: Shoutouts is formally called the Nomination Box.

Team administrators have the option of applying a feature to the nomination box that requires all Shoutouts made to be approved by a team administrator before they are posted and nominees are notified.

1. Navigate to Teams > Settings

Make sure the desired Team is selected in the top drop down menu.

2. Click Shoutouts, to view all settings to customize shoutouts.

3. Toggle on "Require admin approval for all submitted shoutouts.

Once this feature is activated, shoutouts will only appear for the team admin(s) with a pending status. If the admin selects the green checkmark, that shoutout will be approved and will be made visible to all team members. If the admin selects the red "X", the nomination will be declined and will remain invisible to team members.

Admins can easily go back into their nomination box and change the status of any nomination by clicking change status.

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