Teams using Gifting

To make things simple, you only need to load employees as Team Members whom you would like to provide a budget to for sending gifts. 

You do not need to load employees as Team Members that are just potential gift recipients, as gift senders can just enter gift recipient details on the Delivery step when sending gifts.

Of course, you're welcome to load all employees as Team Members. It's not recommended, as it clutters your list of Team Members, but it would give you the option to restrict recipients to Team Members only. It's also a bit more work to manage a larger list, but we make it easy with the Team Upload List Override feature.

Alternatively, there is the option to load all potential gift recipients as Pre-loaded Recipients, so contact details auto-fill on the Delivery page as the sender types a recipient's name.


Teams using Shoutouts **Formally called the Nomination Box**

Shoutouts is non-monetary recognition that is different than the Nomination Box because you may send it to anyone inside or outside of your recognition program. You may also white-label or print off a shoutout!

To manage a larger list of Team Members, we recommend using the Team Upload List Override feature.

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