Note: If your company has firewalls preventing employees from viewing websites, get your IT department to whitelist and domains.

1. Login to your account at

2. Click "Buy Gifts" in left-hand navigation menu.

3. Account Ordering - select which account you wish to order from (click "view funds" link to see funds you have available to make purchases).

4. Buy Gifts - fill out order info and click "next step - delivery".

  • #of Gifts can 1-1000 gifts on any order.
  • Gift Value can be anything $10 - $5000 (merchants have minimum $10, recipient can split their gift across multiple merchants).
  • Gift Item indicates the type of gift you'd like to provide (Guusto Card is most flexible, see where each can be redeemed).
  • Merchant can be selected, but most users leave it as "Any Partner Merchant" to allow recipient to choose.
  • Image will default to your Profile photo, but you can load a different one.
  • Message will let you customize the message on the gift, or you can choose from some default message saved in your Profile.
  • Claim by allows you to set a period in which the gift must be claimed before it is automatically cancelled and fully credited back to the sender's account balance.
  • Reason allows you to select a Reason for the gift (learn how to customize list).
  • Must be paid forward, if turned on, will mandate that the initial recipient pass the gift to someone else (learn how you can track who claims gift).

4. Delivery - select delivery method:

  • Send via email/text message - fill in the recipient details.
  • Print or export gifts - deliver the gifts yourself, and the recipient will have a web link they can access online to choose a merchant and redeem.
  • Print merchant gift codes - deliver a physical gift print out for a specific merchant if recipient does not have email address or access to internet.

5. Delivery - fill out recipient details:

  • Full Name - recipient first and last name.
  • Recipient Email - they will receive email with gift.
  • Recipient Mobile # - they will receive text message with gift.
  • Reason - select the reason for your gift from the dropdown menu
  • Notes - any notes you want to make about the recipient, which they will not see (e.g. which store they work at).
  • Message on Gift - you can customize each message if desired.
  • Deliver Immediately - you can schedule each gift for a different date, or use box at the top to apply delivery date to all gifts.
  • Notify Manager - enter the email of a manager you wish to notify

6. Multiple Recipients (optional) - upload recipient list if you are sending lots of gifts to save time (click 'upload recipient list' in top right corner and follow the 3 steps). Learn more.

7. Delivery - if you'd like to be cc'd on gift emails, tick box and enter email, then click "next step - payment".

8. Payment - review order details, your available account funds, and click "confirm order". 

9. Order Confirmation - get order summary, use optional additional tools, go to "manage gifts" to see and manage all your sent gifts (learn more). 

  • Print Gifts - to provide physical gifts to recipients (you can also do this from Manage Gifts section).
  • Export Gifts - to send gift links using a separate system (you can also do this from Manage Gifts section).
  • Notify Colleagues - just enter email addresses to keep some colleagues in the loop on who you just recognized with gifts.


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