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This article provides a quick overview to help you Get Started with Gifting.

Profile Setup

Setup your Profile

Customize your profile to fit your preferences. You can setup a profile picture, alternate name, default messages for gift sending and more!

Learn about the Dashboard

The Dashboard provides an overview of your account's activity. Your account activity consists of gifts and shoutouts sent out by you. On Team accounts, the activity on the Dashboard may also include gifts and shoutouts sent out by your Team Members.

Fund Account

Fund your Account

You can load funds into your Personal Account using cheque, bank transfer, wire transfer, email transfer, or credit card.

Alternatively, if you're on a Team, your Team Admin might have already loaded funds to the Team's account. You can request that your Team Admin transfer you some funds or give you access to Team Balance.

Send Gifts

Send a Test Gift
This is a great way to quickly see how things work before you are ready to send a real gift.

Send Gifts using Web Platform

You can send gifts from your computer by logging in to the web platform.

Note: If your company has firewalls preventing employees from viewing websites, get your IT department to whitelist guusto.com and guus.to domains.

Send Gifts using Mobile App

You can send gifts from your phone using the mobile app.

Manage your Sent Gifts

The Order History page under the Gift Reports section acts as a command centre to track and control all your sent gifts.

Redeem Gifts

See how Redeeming Works

No app required! The recipient simply enters/clicks the URL link sent to them in order to redeem their gift through the web platform on their phone or computer.

You may also be interested in our guide on Getting Started with Shoutouts.

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