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How-to guide for bulk order gifting
How-to guide for bulk order gifting

How can I send a bulk order of gifts to multiple recipients? How can I send lots of gifts at once?

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This article walks you through uploading a recipients list when sending gifts in bulk.

Note: If sending gifts to or through workplace emails, you may want to contact your IT department to whitelist emails from addresses. If your company has strict firewall filters gift emails may land in the junk/spam folders.

1. Navigate to the Send Gifts section using the navigation menu.

2. Fill in the order details on the Order page and click on the Next Step button.

3. On the Delivery page, click on the Bulk Add Recipients button.

4. Download the .CSV Template using the Bulk Add Recipients button in the Upload Recipient List modal that pops up.

Important Note: Do not make any changes to the column headers in the CSV file. Any changes to formatting will not allow the CSV file to be uploaded successfully.

5. Fill out Gift Recipient details in the CSV Template using a spreadsheet application. Use the exact format listed below.

The following fields are required for each Gift Recipient:

The following fields are optional for each Gift Recipient:

  • Phone: 555-555-5555

  • Gift Value: a value amount without the $ symbol (it will round to the nearest dollar amount, decimal values aren't valid)

  • Gift Message: This message will appear to the recipient

  • Reason: Must match an existing Team Reason or 'Other'

  • Internal Notes: Write any internal notes you wish (e.g. Recipient's department)

  • Custom Notes: Must match an existing Team Recipients Notes or 'Other'

  • Language: en or fr (leave blank for default English)

  • Delivery Date: YYYY-MM-DD (leave blank to deliver immediately)

  • Manager: Enter the email address of a manager in this field to notify a manager about the gift being sent. [email protected]

  • Sender Name: This name will appear as the Sender's Name to the recipient on their gift.

6. Save the template as a .csv file using your spreadsheet application.

7. Upload the filled in CSV Template to our platform by clicking Upload file on the final step of the Upload Recipient List modal.

8. Click Confirm to continue and you will see all your recipient data loaded on the Delivery page.

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