When you add new Team Members, the system will create them a Guusto account and email them their login details (they can change their password when they login). If they already have a Guusto account, the system will notify them that you added them to a Team.

1.  Login to your Guusto account 

2. Click Teams

3. Navigate to Manage Members

4. In the drop-down menu in the header, select your desired Team

5. To add members individually, type in their email address in the "Manage Members" box and click Add Member

6. Enter or confirm the following details about the new Team Member: 

  • Team Member's Name

  • Employee Number (optional) 

  • Notes (optional)

  • Location (optional)

  • Department (optional)

  • Manager number (optional)

  • Upload a photo or paste a photo link (optional)

  • Change their Member Rights (learn more)

  • Change their Publicity (learn more

Then, click confirm

7. OPTIONAL - To load multiple members at once, click upload list in the "Manage Members" box and follow the given instructions (learn more)


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