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How can I measure the effectiveness of Guusto?
How can I measure the effectiveness of Guusto?
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There are many ways to measure the effectiveness of a recognition program: employee performance reports, employee turnover rate, employee satisfaction surveys. 

If you have no surveys in place, you might want to start with a quick 5 question survey centred around unique categories. Create a Survey and send it out before implementing Guusto to get a better understanding of how your employees currently feel about each of the categories. 


Example Survey 

On a scale of 1-10 rate the following 5 categories:  

I feel recognized for my efforts (1 - strongly disagree, 10 - strongly agree)

I would recommend a friend to work here (1 - not at all likely, 10 - extremely likely)  

I care about the company succeeding (1 - not at all, 10 - a great deal) 

I am producing __% better results than last quarter (1 - 0%, 10 - 100%) 

I wouldn't leave for a 10% raise (1 - strongly disagree, 10 - strongly agree) 


After running a Guusto program for 6+ months, you can send out the same survey to your employees to see your company's improvement in each of the categories.
Note: You may also want to include a request for feedback on how to improve in the future :) 

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